i3.IdentySoft.com - How can I add and manage users?

i3.IdentySoft.com - How can I add and manage users?

After you have logged into your IdentySoft environment you can find the menu bar on the left side of the application. By clicking the » or « icon you can expand or minimalize the menu. As soon as you expand the menu you can see the full menu descriptions. By clicking the ˅ icon you can expand the submenu's. Depending on your administrator rights in the application you may or may not see certain menu items. 

To open the user menu you have to click the Users menu followed by the sub menu Users

In the user overview you can add a new user by click the + ADD button. You can also find an existing user by using the search field on the top of your screen.

In the search screen you can search and filter the following items:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • ID
  • User Group
Please enter one of these items in the search field and the correct name will appear:

Behind the user you can find 3 different icons:  

        This is the 'Edit' icon, by clicking this icon you will open the information of this user and you can continue to edit it. .

      This is the 'Delete / Sync' icon, after clicking this icon you will see a pop-up screen asking if you want to synchronize the user with the scanners or delete the user from the scanners. 

        This is the 'Delete' icon, by clicking this able to are able to delete the user completely from IdentySoft.

Click the 'Edit' icon to open the user or click the 'Add' icon to create a new user. You will now arrive in the following screen:  

Please enter all the desired information: 

ID:  This is your user ID. You do not need to enter anything in this field, the ID is automatically generated.

- ID in scanner:   This is your user ID inside the scanner memory. This field is also automatically generated and you only have to use it in case you are working with a PIN code. 

Firstname / Insertion / Lastname:   Please enter the correct name of the user you wish to add. 

PIN:  Please enter the PIN code you wish to use. Please beware! When working with a PIN code in combination with the Suprema scanners you always have to combine the ID in Scanner with the PIN code. For example:  if your ID in scanner is 160 and your PIN code is 1234 then you have to open the door via 160 -> OK -> 1234.  

- Scanners admin:   Some scanners have their own menu and touchscreen in the device itself. By default anyone can access this menu but as soon as there is one scanner admin in it's memory then the menu is blocked. Only a scanner admin can gain entry to the menu by placing it's finger / card / code and no one else is able to reach the scanner settings. 

- Start & End Date:    Please enter the start- and enddate for this user. Access control and time registration actions before the start date and after the end date will be denied. The user has no access rights during that period. We recommenend adjusting the end date as soon as an employee leaves the company. In that case you can always see if the user is still trying to use the system to gain entry. 

Groups:   Please select the user group you wish to use. The user will get it's access rights based on the user group attached. You can attached the user group by using the following menu:

Please select the correct usergroup and click on -> ->.  Do not forget to click the 'Save' button after that. The user information is now successfully saved in your IdentySoft environment. 

On the right side of your screen you can find 14 free 'Info Fields'. By clicking the button 'Info Fields' in the user menu you can adjust the names of these fields. For example:   you can change the name of 'info 1' to 'email adress. You can find more information about the info fields in IdentySoft in the following article:   'How do I adjust the free info fields?'

You can now start with the enrollment of a finger, card of face. After the user enrollment you still have to synchronize the user with the scanner(s). These functions are explained in the following related articles:

Do you still have questions? Our support department is happy to assist! 

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