EasySecure.cloud - How do i create administrators?

EasySecure.cloud - How do i create administrators?

In this article we will show you how to create, edit and delete administrators within the EasySecure software. If someone has an administrator account they are able to login to the EasySecure software. 

  1. Click 'Administrator' on the left side in the menu. Please contact your system administrator if this option is not visible under your account. 
  2. Then select 'Administrators' in the drop down menu. 
The administrator menu is now visible on your screen. 

  1. Click Add on the top left of your screen to create a new administrator. 
  2. Click the Edit icon on the right side of an existing administrator account to edit the information.
  3. Click the Delete icon on the right side of an existing administrator to delete and block an existing account. 
  4. Use the Search Bar on the top right side to filter the current administrator list. 

Once you click Add you will arrive in the following screen. 

  1. Add a Username for the account. This is the username that has to be user when you log into the software. 
  2. Add a Email address for the account. This will be used to restore the password if the account information is lost. 
  3. Enter a first time Password for this account. 
  4. Select an Admin Level for this account. The admin level gives you rights to certain parts of the software. An administrator can for example only manage users, only visitors or only work on the time registration reports. More information on the admin levels can be found in the following article.
  5. Select a default Language for this administrator. By default you can select English, Dutch, German, French. 
  6. Select if PIN Codes and Card ID's for access control are visible for this administrator. You can set this to hidden, read only or full access. 
  7. Depending on your EasySecure subscription you might see Location field. Here you can select one or multiple location. For example a location in New York and Rotterdam. This administrator is only able to see and manage these locations. 
  8. Click Save after adding all the required information.

Please communicate these login credentials with the new administrator. He or she is now able to login. 

After creating the administrator you will find a new menu on the right side of the screen. Here you can add a card, finger templates and a Google Authenticator. These settings are used for 2 factor authentication when logging into the software. More information on 2FA can be found in in the following article.

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Do you have any questions about the administrator menu? Please contact our support desk and we will be happy to assist. 
You can reach us by phone or email. You can also directly chat or create a ticket within your EasySecure software environment or our helpcenter. 

+ 31 (0) 85 015 0000.  

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