BioStar 2 - How to set-up Thermal Camera for FaceStation 2?

BioStar 2 - How to set-up Thermal Camera for FaceStation 2?

You can set up Suprema Thermal Camera in Device menu of FaceStation 2.

Suprema Thermal Camera can be used with FaceStation 2 firmware 1.3.2 or above.
Click here to download the latest firmware

• Press  and authenticate with the Admin level credential
• Press Device > Thermal Camera.
• Change the desired item.

Thermal Camera: Use Suprema Thermal Camera on FaceStation 2.
Check Temperature Mode: Set the check temperature mode depending on the desired usage.
      - Authenticate Before Temperature Check: Measure the skin temperature after a successful authentication.
      - Authenticate After Temperature Check: Authenticate only when the user is within the range of the preset temperature threshold. When this mode is activated, it does not attempt to authenticate                    user’s identity if their temperature has been detected to be above the threshold.
      - Check Temperature Only: Detect skin temperature without authentication. This mode allows users within the range of the preset threshold to access without checking their identity or access rights.
Celsius/Fahrenheit: Change the unit of temperature.
Threshold Temperature: Set the threshold temperature to limit the access. Users with detected temperature over the threshold will be denied access.
Save Temperature Data: Save temperature data. When this mode is enabled, it saves both authentication and temperature logs. When this mode is disabled, it only saves authentication logs.
Authentication Fail Sound: Set the alerts to trigger when the skin temperature is higher than the preset threshold.
Show Thermal Infrared Image: Display infrared imaging on the screen of FaceStation 2.
  Camera Configuration: Configure the Suprema Thermal Camera settings for accurate measurement.

• It is recommended to maintain the default values of the camera configuration settings for the best performance. The default values of each option are as follows:
      - Distance(cm): 70
      - Emission Rate: 0.98
      - ROI X(%): 30
      - ROI Y(%): 40
      - ROI Width(%): 40
      - ROI Height(%): 20 

- Distance(cm): Set up the distance between the user and device.
- Emission Rate: Set up the emissivity to precisely measure the temperature of the user.
- ROI X(%), ROI Y(%), ROI Width(%), ROI Height(%): If there are lights in the device field of view they may be detected instead of the desired subject. Set the temperature measurement area by adjusting          the size and position of ROI (Region of Interest).