EasySecure - How to change the batteries of the DOM Guard

EasySecure.cloud - How to change the batteries of the DOM Guard

The batteries of the wires DOM locks will last a long time. In your software environment you can always find the current status of the battery. It is also possible to receive an email notificaiton. 

On the lock itself it is also visible if the battery is almost empty. When placing a card the lock will blink in different colours. Only when placing the card a second time the door will open. 
If the lock responds this way then you will have to change the battery.  The door can be opened several hundred of times when this status is visible. 

  • Remove the front cover of the Guard with the screw on the bottom of the lock.
  • With the two plactics clams on the top you can remove the batteries. The batteries will pop up from its holder
  • Replace the two AAA batteries. Make sure you double check the + and -.
  • Put the battery holder back in the lock.
  • Now place the battery card that came with your system to activate the lock.  

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