EasySecure.cloud - How to set up a online registration page

EasySecure.cloud - How to set up a online registration page

Within our EasySecure Cloud solution we have the option to use a  ‘online registration page’. This is a digital time registration page where you can use your code, card or finger to register your worktimes and break times.

This virtual time registration terminal can be easy for people working from home / remotely and want to easily use their PC to check in or out.

This virtual time registration page works for all time registration reports within the EasySecure platform and for all connected integrations for WFM / Planning.

In order to set up this functionality you will need to login to your EasySecure Cloud environment. 

  1. Go to the Settings Menu
  2. Go to tab ‘Online / Projectregistration’.
  3. Enter the company name in the field Alias.
  4. Click save


Now you have some general settings you can select. Only the Identification Settings and Language Settings are relevant to the online registration page.

  1. Select the desired registration methods under the Identification Settings section.
    1. You can select finger (register with BioMini USB, driver necessary on Windows PC)
    2. You can select code
    3. You can select card. (register with USB card reader. No driver necessary but you need a Windows PC.)


  1. Select the desired Language Sections. The online registration page will be available in these languages. 

Secondly you need to create a ‘virtual / fake’ online registration scanner.

  1. Go to location -> scanner menu
  2. Add a new scanner
  3. Add the following settings and click save

Please Note

  1. Make sure you enter the correct name and type. It needs to be called ‘Online Registration’.
  2. Make sure you do not connect the virtual scanner to a door.

Your virtual time registration page is now ready for use. You can retrieve the URL from the settings menu.
  1. Go to the Settings Menu
  2. Go to tab ‘Online / Projectregistration’.

  1. Click the red button Online Registration page – Copy URL to copy the URL and send it to users that need to use this page.
  2. Click the red button Online Registration page – Open to directly open and use the registration page. 

Enter your code / finger / card in the registration screen and click login. 

Select the required activity. Start Work, Stop Work, Start Break, Stop Break. 

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