EasySecure.cloud - EasyAir - How to use time registration on the X-Station 2

EasySecure.cloud - EasyAir - How to use time registration on the X-Station 2

This article shows how to use the time registration functionality with our EasyAir product line. It is important to always select a T&A code before placing your mobile phone or access card.
You can also open a video by clicking the following link. 

If you do not select a T&A key the registration will not succeed and you will get an error 'Select the T&A Code'
Please follow these steps for correct time registration

1. Click T&A Code on the main screen to start registration. 

2. Select T&A code. For example:  start work, end work or start break. 

3. Place your card or mobile phone. 

4. You have now succesfully been registered

PLEASE NOTE:   If you do not select the T&A Code the time registration will not succeed. You will get the following error. 

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