BioStar 2 - How to upgrade BioStar 1 to BioStar 2

BioStar 2 - How to upgrade BioStar 1 to BioStar 2

Are you still using Biostar 1.x software? Then please upgrade it to Biostar 2. 
Biostar 1 is not supported anymore since July 2021.

Below a description of how to do this.

2.      I nstall BioStar 2 
3.      Perform the migration from Biostar 1.93 to Biostar 2. (This manual can be found in the folder: C:Program FilesBioStar 2(x64)\biostar-migration)
4.      Upgrade the devices.
You need to check the DHCP Server, Internet Connection and UDP connection. 
          The device must receive a dynamic IP address from the DHCP server and a PC must be available to search for the device via UDP. To confirm the validation of fw.ini, an Internet connection is required.

Send a mail to with the number of devices you want to upgrade.
You will then receive a .LIC file for the number of devices. 

5.       Install the upgrade tool

Make sure you read the instructions and warnings to avoid malfunction of the device.

6.       Copy the .LIC file you received from us to the following path: C:³program files(x86)³SupremaEntryUpgradeTool_v2.2.1e
7.       You can now begin upgrading the devices. 

If you have any questions you can reach us from Monday to Friday 08:30 - 17:00 on: 0850150000 option 1. 
Of course you can also send an email to:

If you prefer us to perform the upgrade for you, please contact:

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