BioStar 2 - What are the differences between the Access Control Free & SE version

BioStar 2 - What are the differences between the Access Control Free & SE version

In BioStar 2 there is a possibility to get a paid license for the access control functionality. Below you can find a overview of the differences in functionality between the free and SE version.
Beware! It is always possible to upgrade your free software version to a paid license without having to re-install your software. Please contact EasySecure International to purchase your software license of if you have any additional questions. 

Please find the differences between the free and SE version below: 
Basic LicenseStandard License
SystemTypeWeb-basedWeb Server
ClientWeb Browser
(Chrome, IE)
Web Browser
(Chrome, IE)
Max. Client100100
Server Auto UpdateYesYes
Auto DB Back-upYesYes
DeviceMax. Device1,0001,000
Max. Slave per
(Up to 8 Fingerprint Devices)
(Up to 8 Fingerprint Devices)
RS485 ProtocolOSDP SuppoortedOSDP Supported
Multi Door ControlYesYes
Device Admin LevelAll/User
Config Admin
Config Admin
Auto Reconnection
to Server
Direct & Server ModeDirect & Server Mode
USB Enrollment DeviceBioMiniBioMini
UserMax. Card per User88
Max. Fingerprint per User1010
Auto User Sync to DeviceYesYes
Secure CredentialYesYes
Inactive User ReportYesYes
Custom FieldsYesYes
Access GroupMax. Access Level128128
Max. Access Group128128
Max. Access Group per User1616
Auto Access Group Sync to DeviceYesYes
Access Group Report by Door/UserYesYes
ZoneMax. Zones-100
Max. Device per Zone-1,000 Global, 32 Local
Anti-passbackSingle Door APBGlobal, Local
Fire Alarm-Global, Local
Scheduled Unlock/Lock-Yes
Server Matching-Yes
BioStar Mobile App SupportYes
(User,Door,Monitoring, Alarm)
(User,Door,Monitoring, Alarm)
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