BioStar 2 - Time and Attendance (T&A) - How to assign temporary schedule

BioStar 2 - Time and Attendance (T&A) - How to assign temporary schedule

BioStar 2 TA allows administrator to assign a schedule template to an employee on a temporary basis. The employee will remain on the schedule only for the time period selected. 

1. Go to Time Attendance → Shift and create temporary shift as desired. 
2. Go to Time Attendance → Schedule. Select a schedule and click + button to display list of employees assigned to the schedule. Select a user which you would like to assign temporary schedule. 

3. Click the date on the calendar on which you want the schedule change to start. 
4. Choose a shift from drop-down menu and set the period where the temporary schedule will be affected. 

5. As you can see, the shift has been updated to temporary shift. 

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