How to upgrade BioStar 2

BioStar 2 - How to Upgrade BioStar 2

If you are upgrading BioStar 2 you can install the new version on top of the old version without deleting the old version. However, you cannot upgrade from a very old version such as 2.0 to 2.4 in one upgrade because that process is unsupported.  Please refer to this article to upgrade sequentially.

When you delete BioStar 2, it will delete the MariaDB database as well.  Always back up your database before uninstalling or upgrading BioStar 2. 

Back Up the Database

Always back up your database before deleting or upgrading BioStar 2.
You can find instructions in the following link: How to Back Up and Restore the Database

Upgrade Process

You will have to follow the upgrade path below to upgrade to the most recent version successfully. Do not uninstall the current version and install the next version.
You can simply install the next version on top of the current version and it will migrate the database. 

Current version BioStar 2.2.1 > Install 2.3 on top of 2.2.1 > Install 2.4 on top of 2.3.

BioStar 2.2.1
BioStar 2.3.0
BioStar 2.4.0

You can always find the most recent version of BioStar 2 in the following link: BioStar 2 Download Page

Resolving UI Issue After Upgrade

Your chrome browser may keep the cache of your old version of BioStar. In such cases you will see many menus that are missing or some menus that appear to have special symbols that are out of place like the image below.

In such cases, follow the method below to clean Chrome browser’s cache.

1. Open your chrome browser.
2. Press F12.
3. Right click on the circling arrow.

4. Click Empty Cache and Hard Reload.

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