BioStar 2 - How to create custom user fields

BioStar 2 - How to create custom user fields

Custom user fields can be used if you need additional fields for user information other than the ones that are already available.

1. Click on Setting > SERVER

2. In the User/Device Management tab, click + Add on the Custom User Field

There are 3 types of custom user fields you can create: 

  • Text Input Box : This field allows up to 32 characters. 
  • Number Input Box : This field allows up to 10 digits. 
  • Combo Box : You can create up to 20 options for this dropdown box. Separate the combo box items with a semicolon(;). 

3. When you’re done adding the custom fields, click Apply on the bottom of the page. 

4. If you go back to the USER menu, you will see the additional fields in all existing users and also when you add a new user. 

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