BioStar 2 - How to create access group

BioStar 2 - How to create access group

Before starting to create access group, make sure to set the devices not to use 'Full Access'. 'Full Access' indicates that the device ignores access group configuration and makes an auth decision solely dependent on the user data and auth mode it has. For the case of simple and limited access control use, 'Full Access' mode has no problem. However, it's recommended to use Access Group to control the access of the users while using automatic user synchronization function, because it sends all the user data to the connected devices. Check the fundamental course contents for more information about the detailed concept of Access Group.

The additional advantage of Access Group
  1. By setting a user group to a access group, it can automatically assign the same access group to new users in the user group
  2. By creating a certain access group with VIP or management members, it can be easy to set the access group to be 'Bypass Group' for zones, such as APB and Scheduled Lock. So, the access group members can enter and exit doors without limitation.

Create Access Group

1. Go to ACCESS CONTROL and click ADD ACCESS LEVEL button.

Access level consists of door and timezone, and access group is made of access levels and users. So, it's necessary to create a access level first, and then assign users to access level to make a access group.

2. Create a door and a schedule, and click apply to create an access level.

3. Click ADD ACCESS GROUP button and add an access level and a user group or individual users, and click Apply.

4. Check the created list of a new access group.

5. Go to user tap, and check access group from the user list.

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