BioStar 2 - How to configure Wiegand Output

BioStar 2 - How to configure Wiegand Output

Could we connect Suprema device to Access Control Unit through Wiegand?

Could we use Wiegand of Suprema device to connect Access Control Unit?

[Figure 1. System Configuration for Wiegand Output ]

Yes, Suprema device can be a reader to send Wiegand signal to 3rd party Access Control Unit such as NET2 of PAXTON , iSTAR of CCURE, or OnGuard Controller of Lenel.

You should consider the below step to use Wiegand data between Suprema Device and 3rd party ACU.

[Figure 2. Step for Wiegand Output Usage]

To send WIEGAND output, you should check the below configuration and follow the description.

- But, please make sure if user information is stored into the 3rd party ACU's software. 

Step 1. Wiegand Wiring

1. Refer Wiegand cable from device manual and connect 3 cables of Wiegand part between Suprema device and ACU

- Most important part is that pin map of Wiegand port of a device. 

[Figure 3. BioStation A2 - Device port for each function]

[Figure 4. BioEntry W2 - Wiegand Cable]

Step 2. Device Configuration

1. Add a device to BioStar 2

2. Confirm your card type which you are going to use

2-1. CSN Card type: Mifare (13.56 Mhz), Felica (13.56Mhz), EM Card (125 kHz)

2-2. WIEGAND card Type: iClass Card (13.56Mhz),  HID Prox Card (125 kHz)

3. Follow the configuration in accordance with the card type


3-1. Click [Setting] > [Card Format]

3-2. Click red box as follows to add new Wiegand format in accordance with Wiegand data

3-3. Let's say, you have 34 bit Mifare CSN card. The configuration is as follows.

3-3 Click [Device] and choose the connected device to configure additional configuratioin

3-4 Click CSN Card Format and choose Format Type as [Wiegand

3-5 Choose one of Wiegand format from the [Wiegand Format] of CSN Card Format

<Wiegand Card>

3-6 Choose the predefined card format from the [Wiegand Card Format]

3-7. If there is not a Wiegand format which you need, go to [Setting]>[Wiegand] and configure it

4. Click [Advance] and set WIEGAND INPUT/OUTPUT to [OUTPUT]

5. Set Pulse Interval from 10000 to 5000 

- Or, you can adjust the parameter after referring the configuration setting of software of your 3rd party ACU.

Step 3. User Configuration

1. Go to [User] and add new user

2. Click [Card]

3. Choose the card type and card data format

4. Click [Read Card] and place your card

4-1. If you do not have physical card, you can register user ID instead of card ID. Refer the link below.

[BioStar 2] Sending Out User ID Through Wiegand

4-2. If you would like to enroll a finger or face, you can register for the user information.

[BioStar 2] How to enroll a user

5. Click [Apply] to store the user information

Step 4. Test

1. Scan registered fingerprint or card.

2. If there is user authentication success, the Wiegand signal will be sent from Suprema device to ACU.

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