BioStar 2 - How to configure trigger and action

BioStar 2 - How to configure trigger and action

The trigger & action feature is used when you would like to send a custom output signal from a device or send an email to the administrator based on the occurrence of an alarm event. For instance, you can use this feature to trigger your alarm lamp when a forced door open alarm goes on. The system will simultaneously send an email to the administrator as well. 


Available Triggers

Below is the full list of events that are available for triggers on the setting menu.
Available events for Device: 

  • Supervised Input (Open)
  • Supervised Input (Short)
  • Tamper On
  • RS-485 disconnected
  • Device restarted
Supervised Input is used with a DM20. Please refer to DM-20 Wiring Examples for more information.

Available events for Door: 

  • Held door open alarmed
  • Forced door open alarmed
  • Held door opened
  • Forced door opened

Available events for Zone: 

  • Scheduled lock zone alarm detected
  • Fire alarm zone alarm detected
  • Anti-passback zone alarm detected

Setting Up a Custom Signal Output

In the scenario below, we will send a custom signal from our A2 when there is a forced open event. 
1. Click Setting > TRIGGER & ACTION




3. Enter a name for this trigger on the Name textbox. 
4. Click on the schedule drop box. Click + Add Schedule. If you have a preconfigured schedule, you can use that one by selecting it. 

5. Configure the schedule as necessary and click Ok. In this case, I would like the trigger to be on all day except for Sunday. 

6. Now select the newly created schedule on the Schedule drop box. 
7. Select the Door radio button. 
8. Select the door this will affect. The A2 is installed on Door 3 in this example. 
9. Check Forced door opened
10. Select your device (A2). 
11. Relay 0 is already used for the door lock so relay 1 will be used for the output. 

12. Click on the Signal drop down box. 
13. Click Add Signal
14. Fill in the details as desired and click Apply

15.Click on the Signal drop box and select the signal you just created and click Apply
16. Now when there is a forced door open event, the custom signal is sent to relay 1. 

Setting Up an Email Alert on BioStar

1. Click Setting > TRIGGER & ACTION
2. Click on your desired trigger. 
3. On Device / BioStar tab, click BioStar and check BioStar

4. Click on the Gear icon on the action tab to setup your email. 

5. Set up your SMTP. If you are not sure what the settings are, please ask your IT administrator. 


6. Add a Recipient and click Apply


7. Now create a forced door open event. 

8. The administrator will receive an alert email. 

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