BioStar 2 - How to configure alerts

BioStar 2 - How to configure alerts

The alert feature is used to notify the BioStar administrator when specific device/door/zone/authentication event occurs. The Alert history can be accessed through the Alert History menu or the alert count on the bottom right corner of the BioStar web client. 


There are 3 ways the alert function will alert the event to the administrator. 
1. The specified event will be colored red (color is not customizable) on the real-time log. 


2. A popup message (message is customizable) will appear which the administrator can acknowledge or ignore. 


3. A sound will be played at the occurrence of the event. 

The sound feature is only available BioStar 2 version 2.3 or above 

Configuring the Real-time Log Event Message

1. Click on Setting > ALERT


2. Click on the checkbox for the events you want alerts for and click Apply

3. Now the checked event will appear red on the Real-time log when the event occurs. 

Configuring the Popup Message

1. Click Settings > ALERT to enter the Alert menu. 
2. Click on the document icon. 


3. Enter your message and click Apply to save the settings. 


Configuring the Sound Alert

1. Click Settings > PREFERENCE
2. Click + Add button in the Sound tab. 


3. Browse your PC and add a sound file. 


4. Click Add and then click Apply
5. Click Settings > ALERT
6. Click on the document icon of a desired event. 
7. On the Sound Name drop box select the sound you uploaded on the preference menu. 
8. Select your play option.