BioStar 2 - How to add devices

BioStar 2 - How to add devices

Add devices to the BioStar 2 server

1. Go to Device and click Search Device.

2. Select the devices to add to the server. BioStar 2 has two communication modes, Device → Server and Server → Device

No functional difference between the two. But, Device → Server direction can protect the device connection not to be changed or disconnected from the designated server.

If you want to change the device IP address or their communication modes to Device → Server, click Set IP instead of Add button.

3. Set the server IP address and click Apply. Then, the device will automatically try to make a connection.

4. With the Device → Server direction, the device will be shown on the Waiting Device list. Refresh the browser to check the connectivity. Once you find the device, you can confirm and add them to the server by right clicking on the device tree and click Add Waiting Device button. 

Add slave devices connected through RS-485 interface

1. Check the physical device connection, and change the device to be the master device in the device setting.

  1. Master - Making a logical decision and control a local zone
  2. Slave - Become a dummy reader to send credential input to the master device

2. Change the device to be Slave Mode to be able to be searched by the master device. Connect to the master device through RS-485 cable, and check the physical wiring connection, and go to BioStar 2 and DEVICE tap and right click from the device tree and then click Search Slave Device.

3. Check the search result and click Add button. Up to 31 slave devices can be connected through daisy chain, and up to 8 fingerprint devices can be connected among the total. But, if there's a situation of making many fingerprint matching with multiple number of devices at the same time, it's recommended to use the limited number of slave fingerprint devices for the optimal matching performance.

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