BioStar 2 - API & SDK Quick Start Guide

BioStar 2 - API & SDK Quick Start Guide


Our API and SDK manuals are available for public view in the links below: 

BioStar 2 API version 2 (for BioStar 2.4 and above)

BioStar 2 Device SDK 


In order to use our API, you must use BioStar 2 and configure BioStar 2 Cloud feature. 

The Cloud feature requires that you apply at least a Standard AC license (BioStar 2.6 and above). 

You can install the API Server locally. You can find the installation file at our BioStar2 download page.

Refer to the article below regarding the API server structure: 

Structure of BioStar 2 Local API Server


- You can use the mobile app with API Server for Android devices only in BioStar 2.5 API Server and above. 

  * you will only be able to access the mobile app in the local wifi network. 

- You must match the BioStar 2 server version and the BioStar 2 API Server version. Mismatching server versions are not compatible. 


Although the manual is freely available, the SDK is available upon purchase. Please contact your local distributor to purchase it. 

The release notes are updated in the following link.

The SDK package comes with a sample code of the following features. 

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