BioStar 1 - Which network ports does Suprema use?

BioStar 1 - Which network ports does Suprema use?

BioStar uses several ports to make a device connection and data communication. Basically, the used network ports by BioStar and Suprema device are different according to the device connection mode to BioStar server or client.

Direct mode

With direct mode, the device connection is made to the client and the client makes a connection to the server. This is why you cannot see the device from another client when it’s already connected to the client. In this case, the port number is like the below. 


Server mode

With the server mode, the device makes a connection to the server directly, and makes an auto reconnection by using server API. 


Client UDP Port

Regardless of Direct or Server mode, the below commands made from the client use UDP 51110 port to send packets to the device.

  • Device UDP search
  • Device network setting change from the search and add device pop-up 
  • Device Reset from the device tree 

So, when one of the above commands are in active, the below ports are to be used. 

Therefore, in order to make BioStar related port an exception of firewall, it’s necessary to open the below ports with the server mode. 
TCP Port: 1470,1471,1480 
UDP Port: 51110 

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