BioStar 1 - How to upgrade the firmware of your Suprema device

BioStar 1 - How to upgrade the firmware of your Suprema device

We periodically release firmware updates for all products. It is highly recommended to install the latest firmware on your device. You can download the latest firmware updates from the EasySecure website at . After downloading the firmware, you can upgrade the firmware of your device by performing the following steps:|

Please note! - Always 
contact EasySecure International before updating your scanner. It is possible that your current version is to old to update it to the latest version directly!

1. Go to Option > Device > Firmware Upgrade as shown in the figure below. This brings up the Firmware Upgrade dialog. 

2. Select the type of the device on which you want to install the firmware. 

3. Click Select Device, choose the device from the Device Tree dialog and then click OK

4. Click Select Firmware and choose the firmware file. 

5. Click Upgrade

6. The device will be automatically restarted after the firmware update is completed. Then, click Close

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