BioStar 1 - How can I add and set up a Secure I/O?

BioStar 1 - How can I add and set up a Secure I/O?

All Suprema scanners have their own internal relay in the scanner itself. This relay can be connected directly to door locks (or tourniquets, alarm systems etc.) and saves you the need for external control panels that most access control systems work with. 

This saves a lot of time when connecting the devices and on most locations you can use the external relay without any problems. 

When working with outside doors or secure environments it is not recommended to use the internal relays. You don't want it to be possible to remove the scanner from the wall and open the door by connecting the wires of the door lock. This is the reason we have a Secure I/O! 

By using the RS485 cabling you can connect the Secure I/O under a Suprema scanner as a slave device. The Secure I/O makes sure the internal relay is not used and that you can switch the door from a secured location. 

Attached to this article you can find a instruction video that shows you all necessary steps within the BioStar software for adding and setting up a Secure I/O board. 

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