Cannot connect to the Service Manager

BioStar 1 - Cannot connect to the Service Manager

This error often comes up when we try to manual restart of at the first time starting after the BioStar software is installed.

Below you can find a couple of solutions for this problem: 

1. The BioStar Server Config isn't opened as administrator. 

Close the BioStar Server Config and open it again by pressing the right mouse button and selecting  "Open as administrator". 

After that you will be asked to allow this yes or no. It could be that you are asked for the administrator credentials (username and password) if the user isn't a adminstrator on the local PC. (The credentials are known by your system administrator)

2. It could be that an error had occured at SQL when starting the BioStar Server. Check this by going to Start -> Run -> Services.msc -> SQLSERVER (SQLExpress) or SQLSERVER (BSSERVER) and then right mouse button, select start.

3. If there isn't a database installed at all (you can check this by searching for the BioStar Server Config or looking for the SQLSERVER service in the serviceslist) then you need to fix this by running the BioStar setup again and then selecting: Repair.

Are you still unable to get BioStar running after these steps? Then contact our support department!

+31 (0)85 015 0000

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